We've always done our own marketing, for better or worse. We refined our logo somewhat. We made our own catalog on Vic Baker’s kitchen table primarily. We've had a web site for some time now although it has been the type that informed, “excuse our mess, under construction” for more years than I would care to recall. We needed to update it and knew we were out of our depth. So we sought out the creatives at the wierhouse.

They agreed to help us with the website and had some good ideas. Somewhere in the process, I was asked if we would be opposed to a whole new logo, or a re-branding as people in their business call it. Liking our own logo and being cheap, I was skeptical. But after seeing it, I was soon sold. It boldly encompassed what we wanted people to know about us: that we are the best source for industrial fasteners.


With the new website set to launch, we are very excited about giving our customers a source for technical information as it pertains to fasteners. It will look a lot better too. We hope it will be helpful in introducing ourselves to new customers and encouraging our existing customers to look a little closer.