Pipe Fittings

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Available here in brass, malleable black iron, galvanized, and stainless. Various shapes and sizes are used to connect pipes.

Product Description Product Use
45 Degree Elbow Changes pipe direction by 45 degrees. Two female ends.
45 Degree Street Elbow Changes direction by 45 degrees. One end male, other female (street).
90 Degree Elbow Changes pipe direction by 90 degrees. Two female ends.
90 Degree Street Elbow Changes direction by 90 degrees. One end male, other female.
Cap A female threaded fitting used to close the end of a male pipe.
Close Nipple A short piece of threaded pipe. Usually fully threaded.
Cored Hex Plug Hex headed male threaded cap used to plug a line. The threaded portion of this is hollow or cored.
Coupling This female fitting joins two pieces of in line pipe.
Extender Adapter Straight line fitting adapts (and extends) a female thread to a male thread. They can be the same or different diameters.
90 Degree Male Elbow Just like the elbow listed above, this changes direction 90 degrees but has two male ends.
Hex Bushing Looks like a hex plug except it has threads on the inside and out to join two pipe with different diameters.
Hex Head Plug Male threaded cap to a line. Much like the cored hex plug except that it is solid throughout.
Hex Nipple A short piece of threaded pipe with hex piece in the center.
Lock Nut A thin hex shaped female threaded nut. Used as a locking mechanism.
Long Nipple A pipe threaded on both ends. Varies in diameter and length. Longer than a close nipple and not fully threaded.
Male Branch Tee The top of the tee has two female ends. The bottom of the tee is male. They are all the same diameter.
Reducing Couplings A female fitting used two join two different pipe sizes.
Reducing Hex Nipple A short piece of threaded pipe, a hex piece in the center, with different thread diameters on each side.
Square Head Plug Male threaded end to cap a line with a square head.
Street Tee Also known as a service tee. Imagine a letter "T", the top left and bottom portion are female, the top right is male.
Union Three piece fitting that connects two pipes. Can be disconnect without cutting pipe. Some say a state's rights issue.
Union Tee Imagine the "T" again. All points of the "T" will be female.