Stud Cutting

Written by James Stafford Thursday, January 19 2012


Here at the nuthouse, we offer a stud cutting service. What is that excactly you might ask? Simply put, we take large pieces of fully threaded rod (usually 12 foot) and cut them into smaller pieces per order. It sounds simple but there is a little more to it than hacking up some rod with a chop saw.

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Baking Bolts

Written by James Stafford Thursday, May 12 2011


People get confused by the grades of bolts. The different grades can denote any number of different aspects of the fastener, but most of the time the chief component is the hardness of the bolt. What a lot of people don’t realize is that almost all bolts break down into three classes of hardness. I will attempt to break that down here as it applies to ferrous steel fasteners using layman’s term with the requisite technical jargon thrown in just so you know I know.

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Written by James Stafford Thursday, May 12 2011


We've always done our own marketing, for better or worse. We refined our logo somewhat. We made our own catalog on Vic Baker’s kitchen table primarily. We've had a web site for some time now although it has been the type that informed, “excuse our mess, under construction” for more years than I would care to recall. We needed to update it and knew we were out of our depth. So we sought out the creatives at the wierhouse.

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